How to Use the Galloway Method on a Half Marathon

Jeff Galloway's Half Marathon Book

Jeff Galloway has written numerous books on the subject of the Run/Walk/Run Method. Recently, he released his newest book, Galloway’s Half Marathon Training – Use the Run Walk Run Method to Finish Every Race Strong, published by Meyer & Meyer Sport.

I’ve read most of his books and have enjoyed them. They provide great information and help the reader understand the run/walk/ run method.

Galloway’s Half Marathon Training

This book is specifically for those who have never run a half marathon and have a goal to complete it, AND, for those who have run half marathons and have a time goal.

At the beginning of the book, he explains the benefits of the run/walk/run method, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Helps you finish strong
  • Allows the endorphins to happen during the walk break
  • Reduces injury
  • Allows you to feel good afterward and carry on with your day (I can attest to this! After a 17-mile run, I worked and went out to dinner. After the NYC Marathon, I felt good enough to go out to dinner with my family!)

He suggests that you get a baseline of your run. Go to a track and run for a mile. Then take that number and figure out your run/walk/run strategy, which is included in the book.

Provides training plans

In the book, there are lots of training plans for those with time goals. Interestingly on the 1:15 half marathon time, Jeff recommends that you run up to 20 miles in order to get it done. For the first-timer, he recommends going up to 15 miles.


In Jeff’s new book, Galloway’s Half Marathon Training, Jeff talks about his drills, the cadence drill, and the acceleration glider drill. These can be used either before a speed workout or during a regular run to break it up. In addition to this, he recommends hitting those hills and provides a complete hill workout.

Personal Experience

Before I used Jeff’s method, I would run a half marathon and wouldn’t be able to walk, let alone climb stairs! After using his method, I felt so much better after a half!

Jeff Galloway is a great teacher and for those of you who are either beginners or advanced runners, it’s worth giving a try.

My thoughts about the book

Galloway’s Half Marathon Training – Use the Run Walk Run Method to Finish Every Race Strong is a good, solid resource book. If you have a half marathon on the horizon, it’s worth picking up. You can use the training program and be on your way to either completing your first half marathon or crushing your 5th half marathon!

You can get the book on Amazon or directly through the Meyer & Meyer Sports website at