NOCCO – No Carbs Company

When you participate in endurance sports, you hear a lot about BCCA or Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA). These are groups of three essential amino acids – leucine, isoleucine, and valine — to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. Some use is in conjunction with weight loss and to help fight fatigue after exercise.


A new product that entered the US market is called NOCCO, No Carbs Company. These are carbonated beverages with BCAA. Some have 180 mg of caffeine. The Apple flavor has no caffeine. It just has 5000 mg of BCAA. That’s a lot of endurance!

Four Flavors

NOCCO comes in four flavors – Apple, Caribbean, Tropical and Peach. There’s even a new flavor that’s a limited edition on the website, Strawberry. The beverage should be consumed in connection to a workout.

No Carbs Company, headquartered in Sweden, launched its first product in December 2014 and is today available in more than 30 markets.

About the products:

NOCCO beverages have little to no calories. They have some vitamins and all of the ingredients are natural, except for the flavoring.

Taking them on a test drive:

I was given a case of different flavors and I distributed them out to my Team Galloway LI group. Most of the members thought they tasted good, while others complained that they had an artificial sugar taste.

I tried the apple and thought it didn’t taste bad. There was a little aftertaste but not as bad as some of the other products on the market. The sweetener is sucralose and in some of the products, they have green tea extract.

To find out more info, go to their website at

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