Now is the Time to Reflect On Your Past Season

Hilary running on the pier

During the off-season, it’s important to reflect on your past season and evaluate your accomplishments and experiences.

This year, I felt compelled to do the same, and I encourage you to join me in this reflection.

Let’s take a look at my 2023 season and some of the races I participated in.

I had two “A” races that were the main focus of my season: the Chicago Triathlon and the 3-mile Open Water Swim at Steelman Racing. These races held significant importance for me and required dedicated training and preparation.

podium photo

In addition to my “A” races, I signed up for several other races throughout the year:

  • January: Sarasota Triathlon – Alpha Win

  • March: NYRR Shamrock Run; DIY 5K in the Hamptons

  • April: Rock ‘n Roll Nashville (PR)

  • May: Hudson Valley Run – Alpha Win (PR and P

  • June: NYRR 10K in Queens

  • August: EventPower Smithpoint Triathlon

  • August: Lifetime Fitness Chicago Triathlon

  • September: Steelman Racing 3M swim

  • September: Ironman Jones Beach (Tropical Storm rained out)

  • October: EventPower’s Mighty Montauk Race (Sick)

  • October: Library Cafe 5K (Patrick’s Run – Storm Rained out)

  • October: Haunted Mansion Run on Governor’s Island

  • December: KeyWest Triathlon

Reflecting back…

Hilary pointing to her name at the expo

Reflecting back on my season, I faced various challenges and experienced a mix of successes and obstacles. While some races went smoothly, others were affected by external circumstances.


The Chicago Triathlon, which had been on my bucket list since 2015, was an anticipated race for me. The opportunity to race in a city, swim in Lake Michigan, and run through a vibrant urban environment added to the appeal. Unfortunately, the swim portion of the race was canceled, but I still pushed through and gave my best effort.


Steelman Racing was another standout event for me. The desire to swim a longer distance and the allure of open water swimming in a lake motivated me. My hard work paid off, as I placed in my age group, which was an exciting achievement.

Two Terrible Things

The first was when a friend was struck by a car during an Ironman event. She was banged up pretty bad and it was very upsetting. Then, at the Smithpoint Triathlon, I was shocked even more when a triathlete was struck by a car during the race. This put a damper on the whole season. Between the two of them, it was very upsetting and I prayed for both of them to heal and get back to something we all love to do.

Hilary running over the bridge

Not all races went as planned…

As for my races, not all races went as planned (when they do go as planned, you are lucky!). Due to a tropical storm hitting this area, I made the decision not to participate in the Ironman Jones Beach race. Safety concerns led me to prioritize my well-being and avoid potential injury from the challenging weather conditions. It can be difficult to miss out on a race you were looking forward to, but ultimately, I made the right decision for myself.

And then, there were physical ailments

I also had a little bout with the ER. Right before the Mighty Montauk race, I went there because I had an extreme headache. My sister passed away from an Aneurysm, so when I get headaches, I take them seriously. That put a damper on my last triathlon race before Key West. I was bummed but it was also the right decision.

And bad weather…

Then, bad weather affected the Library Cafe Race, which was unfortunate, since I signed up and was ready to do the short 5K race in support of a friend. But instead I rode the trainer and let the weather pass. No reason to get sick or injured for a short race.

Reflecting on the Season

Reflecting on your season as a whole, I am proud of my dedication, accomplishments, and the lessons learned from the challenges I faced. It makes me feel like I can and I will accomplish what I set out to accomplish (for the most part).

Let me know if you feel you met your goals this year. Comment below!