Jamesport Triathlon Race Awesome Review

Jamesport Triathlon Race Awesome Review
IMG_0598After hearing about how incredible Jamesport Tri was last year, I couldn’t wait to check it out this year!  Race Awesome, run by Corey and Stacy Roberts, organizes great events. They are a local race company that started in May 2014 and have organized nearly 30 races. Corey is an Ironman triathlete and has been racing since the age of 11.

Last year, my teammates from the All Women’s Tri Team, attended this race by leaving Long Beach at 3 am. Since I need my “beauty rest,” I couldn’t do that. So I booked a room with my friend Marti, stayed locally and we arrived at transition at nearly 6 am. The race started at 6:50 am.

I lost Marti immediately when we got to transition, but I knew so many people, it just felt great seeing them all! I even met a few nice people by my bike rack. Everyone was so friendly!

13640984_10209212116517319_6769117694757671084_oBetween dropping off my bag at bag check, getting my timing chip and getting body marked, it was time to go to the water and start the first wave.

Before the race, I was lucky enough to go in the water and test it out. It felt amazing! I quickly got out of the water when Corey said that the first wave was starting. I stood and waiting.

I was in the third wave (or I think I was). I wore a yellow cap. You could feel the anxiousness in the air. I saw my friend, Vicki Edwards of East End Tri, who wished me luck. “I’m nervous,” she said.

“Really?” I gave her a strange look.

“Yes, I always get nervous before every race,” she said.

That actually made me feel a lot better. Here, Vicki is an elite athlete and coach and she still gets nervous? That’s awesome!

The yellow caps were in place. The horn blew and everyone ran on the rocky beach into the rocky water. (Boy did it hurt!) As soon as I was deep enough, I started to do the freestyle stroke. I kept going. I got kicked and hit and shoved but I kept on going. I kept thinking, “the water is beautiful. It feels good. Just enjoy the moment because it will end soon.” And it did.

I was out of the water running toward transition. I could hear my friends, Carrie and Irene, call my name. I kept going.

13641178_10209212112077208_7256476709769189832_oI slipped out of my wetsuit (well, sort of) and put on my bike shoes and helmet and I was out of transition with the bike. I got to the mounting line, stopped, put my leg over the bike and clipped in. (Danielle Sullivan, my coach from Iron Fit Endurance, showed me the right way to clip in. I was doing it all wrong! And boy, did it make it easy.)

I started to ride. I passed the most incredible scenery — farms, vineyards, gorgeous homes, and just quaint towns. As I was riding I was thinking, “this is my favorite part of the triathlon – the bike.” And, even thought it may not be my best discipline at this point, I really enjoy it.

I loved the ride. There were rolling hills and the landscape was simply beautiful!

“Hey get into aero,” one of the Wildwood Warriors said to me. “Danielle wouldn’t like that!”

“Ha,” I laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Mile 2, 3, 4, 9 more to go… 9, 10, 11… a few more left… 14, 15, 16… I was dismounting the bike.

13603653_10209212113637247_1064728572931130638_oI got off with ease, which I was grateful for and ran into transition with my bike. I quickly mounted the bike, took off my helmet and shoes and put on my running sneakers and TriSports cap. I ran out of transition. Once I was away from the people, I started the Galloway method of 30/15 – 30 second run (and it’s a pretty fast pace) and 15 second walk. (I’m training for the NYC Marathon and wanted to continue to practice.)

It was a lovely run as well. The sky was overcast and it looked like rain. I was happy about that. At least it wasn’t blaring sun!

The run was through a beautiful neighborhood also with rolling hills. Another runner approached me and said, “here take my water bottle. Looks like you can use a drink.”

I don’t know what compelled me to take her water because I’m a little bit of a germaphobe and typically don’t drink from other people’s water bottles. I took it and drank. She ran away and I was left literally holding the bottle. I didn’t know what to do with it, so I shoved it in my bra and continued doing 30/15.

During the last quarter mile, I went for it. As I sprinted to the finish line, I saw my coach, Danielle Sullivan. She was cheering me on and it really made me feel good to see her there!

I thought I was done. But then, I lost track of where the finish line actually was!

“Where is the finish line?” I screamed to the volunteers.

“It’s this way,” one of the volunteers pointed.

As I crossed the finish line, I felt amazing. I felt strong throughout the race and really enjoyed the experience.

IMG_0618There were many people ahead of me and there were still many people behind me. My all-time favorite part of the race was when Corey waited for the last person to come through the finisher shoot before continuing the awards. That was so special!  Who does that???

As the guy finished the race, everyone cheered. It was a very touching moment and just reinforced the camaraderie in this sport. Because, the bottom line is, no one is racing anyone else except himself/herself!

P.S. Kudos to Coach Danielle for being the top female finisher!

P.S.S. Special thanks to Noah Lam for being the photographer!