Product Review: Mirrorlite

Product Review: Mirrorlite

This may seem like an odd thing to review but since I bought it for my new “gym” I thought it was relevant. As many of you may know, we moved to Merrick Woods. I took one of the bedrooms in the new house and converted that into my gym. (In my old house in Lido Beach, I used the whole garage for the gym. So, I had much less space in the new house to work with.)

I wanted a mirror for one of the walls. I was thinking about purchasing the mirror tiles, however, my husband jumped in and started to do research. “Those tiles won’t work,” he said. “And a traditional mirror will be too heavy for the room.”

He came back and told me there is a company up in Peekskill, NY that makes utra light glass mirrors that are used in dance studios, gyms, etc.

When he showed me the product, I was intrigued. A 4′ x 8′ mirror only weighs 12 lbs. I wanted a 48″ x 48″ mirror.

These Mirrorlite Mirrors are not made using glass. They are super lightweight, completely shatterproof, and can be installed anywhere. The other thing about these mirrors are they can be portable. One of the women in the office showed me a mirror that personal trainers take with them to their client’s homes and the beauty — light as a feather!

Many of the broadway theaters, touring shows and movie production studios use Mirrorlite because of the portability factor but you also find them in dance studios and at gyms.

The quality is fantastic. I was very impressed. My husband and I drove up to Peekskill because I didn’t want to pay the shipping costs. The Mirrorlite mirror in a 48″ x 48″ cost me $320. Shipping would have cost me an additional $300 so we saved the cost by driving up there and getting a tour of the facility.

Everyone at the factory was extremely nice. Marie, the office manager, gave us a tour and showed us how the workers cut the material to make the product. We also watched the workers pack up mirrors to ship off to customers around the world.

Edgar, one of the workers, helped us to our car with our mirror. Since it didn’t fit inside, we had to strap it to the roof. That was certainly an ordeal! Then as we drove home, we kept checking to see if it fell off.

Now, it’s mounted in my gym and looks incredible. I was told to use only Windex without Amonia, otherwise it will get damaged. Marie told me that the mirror should last for years and have the same shine and luster it had as if I first got it. It really does look incredible. It looks like you’re looking outside a window except you see yourself. It’s that clear!

Mirrorlite is located on Washington Street in Peekskill. The website is