Review of Essential Leggings and Weightless Jacket by V Shred

Hilary Topper wearing V Shred

When V Shred approached me about their apparel and told me their story, I was intrigued. How many times have people throughout your life said, “you can’t do that,” or “that’s not for you?” I’ve heard that dozens and dozens of times.

That’s why the brand resonated with me.

On their website,  I paraphrased the wording but kept the meaning the same:

“THE WORLD IS FULL OF PEOPLE THAT WILL OFTEN TELL YOU THAT “YOU CAN’T” OR PRE-DETERMINE YOUR EXACT PATH IN LIFE. That potential inside of each of us is there. It may be dormant, or a whisper in your soul, but it’s never gone. YOU NEED TO TURN THE VOLUME UP ON THAT WHISPER.” 

V Shred is an Apparel Company started by four people with $1000 between them. Once was a dream, now this company is a reality and they have some really hot clothing to prove it.

V Shred Apparel

The company sells workout attire – pants, bras and sweatshirts. I tried the pant and the sweatshirt in black and when I pulled it out of the package, I thought “no way.” It looked like it would fit a doll.

But, thankfully, the apparel has a lot of give and I fit in it perfectly. I got a size M. It was super comfortable and I’m considering getting another set!

Both the pants and the sweatshirt have a bit of compression. For me, I found it held me in and was super comfortable.

The pant

The Essential Legging by V Shred® is also perfect for running errands. These leggings keep you cool, comfortable, and stylish no matter the occasion. With a luxurious buttery-soft, barely there feel and flattering high-waist fit, these leggings are meant to give you a second-skin feel while still slimming, shaping, and providing support. (And that is the truth!)

The pant comes in a variety of awesome colors. Although I chose black, you can get any color in the rainbow!

The sweatshirt

The Weightless Jacket by V Shred® is form fitting and flattering multi-use jacket will follow you from a run or workout, to dinner with a friend, all while enhancing your natural curves and keeping you stylish with it is sleek metal finishes.

With its unique V-Shaped mesh vents, this jacket is specifically designed to provide the ultimate slimming effect while keeping you cool. Made from the same soft luxurious fabric of our Essential Legging, this flexible fabric provides a light compression while still feeling weightless during those sweaty workouts.

Both are reasonably priced. The EssentialLegging is $75 and the Weightless Jacket is $95. They come in a variety of colors and you can also mix and match.

Check out their website at