Swimming Like a Fish in a Fishbowl

Swimming Fish

I must be tired or just swimming a lot. Whenever I go to a pool, I keep thinking that I’m a fish in a giant fishbowl, swimming back and forth and back and forth.

Have you ever looked at a fish tank and watched the fish swim?

Fish Tank

Years ago, before kids (and that’s a long time ago), my husband and I had a 100 gallon fish tank. We bought exotic tropical fish that were salt water fish. They were gorgeous. We also named each one as well.

I would stare at them for hours (well, maybe not that long but long enough). They swam to the far corner and then turned around and swam back.

Feeling like a fish

I wear headphones when I swim. I get into the beat of the music and it makes me feel happy, like a fish. I get so wrapped up in myself that sometimes I forget that anyone is around. So, when I get to the wall, I end up singing a little and then realize I’m singing out loud. Or, sometimes, when I’m swimming a workout, I will count out loud.

But, getting back to the back and forth, I wonder as I swim, what the fish think when they swim back and forth. I wonder what the people around me are thinking? Are they thinking solely about their workouts? Are they trying to work out trouble that they are having in their lives? Or are they thinking about the fish? Hmmm… I wonder.