Should I Buy the Fenix 6 or the Epix Garmin Watch?

Garmin Epix Watch

When I decided to upgrade from the Fenix 6 to the Epix watch, I couldn’t find much to compare the two.

What is the difference between the Fenix and Epix Watches?

The Garmin Fenix 6s and Epix Watches both offer a variety of features that make them great options for anyone looking to track their activity levels, but they do have some key differences.

The Garmin Fenix 6s is designed with an ultra-thin design to fit comfortably on the wrist and comes with features like a step counter, heart rate monitor, GPS navigation, and more.

The Epix Watches, on the other hand, are designed with a larger case that makes it easier to read and comes with features such as an altimeter, barometer, and wireless synchronization with compatible devices.

But there is more…

The Garmin Fenix is an excellent multisport watch. It has almost any activity including skiing and golf. The Epix does the same thing, however, the Epix does some interesting things.

For example, every morning, I get a morning report on my recovery, my sleep, my heart rate, and my oxygen levels. For the sleep statistics, I get a sense of whether or not, I had REM sleep, deep sleep, restlessness, or a combination.

After I review the data on my Epix, I get an inspirational message that says different things each day, but something like this, “Make today count” or “have the best day you can.”

Pool Swimming

The other thing I love about the Epix is that you can read it clearly in the pool. With the Fenix and the Forerunner, I struggled to see my workouts. I wasn’t sure if I went 100 yards or 150 yards and that was always an issue.

The Epix clearly states where you are at and how fast or slow you did the set. It’s really a great feature, especially if you love pools and open water swimming.

Touch Screen

The other big difference between the Epix versus the Fenix is that the Epix is a touch screen. It’s a really nice feature and good to have when you’re on the go.

My experience

I’m really happy that I made the purchase. It was expensive but what the Epix watch does in comparison to the Fenix or the forerunner is incredible. The watch does so much and collects a ton of data that in my opinion, if I’m going to spend $700, I may as well spend a little more and get a quality watch that does everything I want it to do.