On Signing Up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon

People running

When I signed up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I didn’t think I would actually run the NYC Half Marathon this past March 16. It’s been a long, cold winter and training has been difficult.  Most of my training has been indoors on a treadmill.

So, I figured, I would train for the NYC Half and if I didn’t run it, no big deal — there was always Brooklyn…

However, I ran it. And now, in less than eight weeks, I’ll be running the Brooklyn Half with my running partner, Marti DiPaola.

Since the NYC Half, I haven’t been able to run. Well, I take that back, I have barely been able to walk! Right after the race, I sat in the car for nearly an hour driving back to my house on Long Island. When the car stopped and the key was pulled out, I opened my door and couldn’t get my legs to work to get out of the car and up the stairs.  It was not a pretty sight!

Once I was in the house, I practically crawled up the stairs. I was in so much pain, it was ridiculous! It took me two days to recover.  Actually, each day was a little better than the next and by Thursday, I was feeling back to myself.

So that Thursday, I decided to run outside. I was in Florida for the weekend at my dad’s house and I put on my running gear and went outside, only to find that my legs just didn’t work! I couldn’t run.

I calmed myself down and thought that this is just for fun. There is no pressure here. And, I ran a little. I ran about a mile and a half and went back inside. I started to get nervous about the Brooklyn Half.  Did I make a mistake running back to back half marathons?

Well, whatever the case, I’m going to go for it and hopefully, I’ll see you out there too!