Do You Find Swimming Meditative?

Hilary swimming in a pool

Do you find swimming meditative?

I started swimming in June. I remember getting into the pool at the Long Beach Recreation Center with my tri partner, Marti DiPaola, and not being able to swim 25 yards! I couldn’t put my head in the water. I couldn’t figure out how to breath.

Today, I can swim 2500 yards no problem.  My favorite workout is to swim 500 without stopping, then take a 1 minute break and do another 500.

I love swimming.  But six months ago, you would not have heard me say that!

As a matter of fact, if you ask my family how many times I’ve stepped into a pool, they would use one hand to count. If I was hot, I would slowly walk in because the water was always too cold and then, I would get out quickly!

After talking with a bunch of triathletes, it seems to me that swimming is their least favorite sport out of running, cycling and swimming. But for me, I find it meditative.

The first 100 yards is usually just a warm up and it helps me get back into the flow.  But after that, all I hear is my breathing. I focus on my breathing and go into a meditative state that is so incredibly relaxing.

Sometimes when I run I get the same feeling but it doesn’t happen until mile 4 or 5 before my breathing gets regulated and I can focus on that. But with swimming, it happens pretty quickly. It’s such an amazing feeling and I’m so glad that I discovered this!

Love to hear about your swimming experiences. Please share in the comments below.