Spring is the season of rebirth, so it only seems fitting for the rebirth of our Blister Resists! We love this line so much we couldn’t help but give it a little bit more TLC. We’ve incorporated research on what makes the ideal sock and have brought that to you in our totally redesigned line.

”Balega is passionate about providing harmony in the fit, feel and performance of our socks. Each sock is constructed based upon research, design, technical excellence and durability,“ said Tanya Pictor, Vice President of Marketing at Implus Specialty. ”Unpredictable weather conditions – such as snow, rain and heat – are one of the leading causes for blisters. With the Blister Resist socks, you no longer have to fear a change in weather when you head out for your next adventure.“

Blister Resists boast an ideal blend of technology and nature to keep your feet pristine and odorless, no matter how much you sweat or how many puddles you splash through. Our special blend of Drynamix and South African mohair keep your feet cool and dry– and, as you might have guessed by the name, blister-free. Drynamix air conditioning fabric wicks moisture away from your feet while enabling airflow.

The star of these socks, though, is mohair. Mohair possesses wool’s superior temperature regulation properties, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. Unlike merino wool, whose slight barbs stand up when wet, mohair’s naturally flat, scale-like structure won’t cause blisters when your feet start to sweat or get running through the rain. And an added bonus: wool has antimicrobial properties, so your socks won’t stink, even if you have to rewear them a few times before washing (yes this is acceptable).

We are psyched to unroll the Blister Resists in our no show, quarter and crew-length styles– all of which are ideal for both your front and backcountry activities.

The Blister Resist Quarter sports a new ribbed top to keep out dirt and grime while adding additional security and comfort thanks to an enhanced elastic grip construction. This style will be available in six springy colorways: Ethereal Blue (pictured), Mink/Grey, Grey/Black, Grey/Orange, Pink/Wildberry, and Ink/Colbalt.

Hikers and runners will drool over the Blister Resist Crews, which feature a new extended-cushion heel to provide extra protection and comfort. The new rib top prevents pressure marks and facilitates free movement and blood circulation. (Translation: your feet will stay comfy and tingle-free!) They come in Grey/Black and Grey/Orange (pictured).

The ever popular Blister Resist No Shows feature our signature performance details, including an extra-deep heel pocket and a high heel tab so your sock stays in place and prevents your shoe rubbing against your ankle. This sock is available in the full springtime garden spectrum! Including the pictured Mink/Grey pictured.

Add a little extra spring in your step this Spring! Find the new Blister Resists at a local running store near you.