Three New Books for the Endurance Athlete

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While you are at home either working or on furlough, here are three books to consider reading for endurance athletes.

Outlandish – Fuel Your Epic by Morgan Sjorgen

This is a beautifully written book with amazing photographs throughout. The book has a series of short stories about Morgan’s running journey. One of my favorites was when she was in Creede, Colorado running a burro race with a donkey. It was hysterical!

In addition to Morgan Sjogren journeys, you also get a look at more than 25 recipes that she shares. The author lives out of her yellow Jeep and the book takes you on a trip through the Southwest. Her recipes range from prickly pear margarita and jalapeno popper burritos to banana pancakes and dumpster pasta sauce.

Outlandish is poetically written and will take you on a wild ride that you will thoroughly enjoy! The book is published by Velopress and available on their website or on Amazon.

The Athlete Inside – The Transforming Power of Hope, Tenacity, and Faith by Sue Reynolds

This is a wonderful book about a middle-aged woman who transformed herself to be a triathlete. Before she started triathlons she weighed 335 pounds. She could barely walk around the block. Sue Reynolds, the author and who the book is about, went from diet to diet. But couldn’t lose the weight.

The Athlete Inside is a look at Sue Reynolds’ journey as she lost 200 pounds and found that she is a triathlete. Here the reader takes the journey with Sue as she came in 6th place at the World Triathlon Championship.

This is a book about inspiration, encouragement and it shows that anyone can do anything they set their minds to do. Great read! Published by Fortress Press. The book will be available on April 28, 2020, and will be available on Amazon.

Go, Gwen, Go – A Family’s Journey to Olympic Gold by Elizabeth Jorgensen and Nancy Jorgensen

Go, Gwen, Go is a book written by both Nancy, Gwen’s mother, and Elizabeth, Gwen’s sister, and is a memoir about the Jorgensen family’s journey while Gwen went for the Olympic Gold Medal.

The book is interesting because it takes a topic and gives you an inside look at what both the mother and the sister were thinking while it occurred.

Go, Gwen, Go shares the story of both Gwen Jorgenson written by her family and it also shares the story of how her success impacted the family. You will take a look at the personal life of the Jorgensen’s during both crisis and family celebrations.

This is a story about how Gwen and her entire family grow together from average to Olympian. The book is currently available through Meyer & Meyer Sport and is also on Amazon.

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