Toad Personalized Diaries for Runners and Triathletes

Most of us have our training online. However, I still like to write things down in a notebook. Toad, a UK company, makes customized diaries for triathletes and runners. The company reached out to me to check it out and I agreed. I customized my own notebook and it arrived on May 1.

About the Toad Notebook:

The notebook helps you set goals. What’s cool about these is that you can set the dates on when you want the diary to start. I had my book start on April 1st so it runs through March 31st of 2021. In addition to that, the book includes training plans, nutrition advice, injury prevention, core exercises, and stretched and more!

What’s also neat about these books is that they are totally customizable with your name and the exercise that you are currently doing. You can even put a motivational message on the cover.

The fitness diaries come with a spiral-bound bind which is perfect for the active lifestyle. They are lightweight so easily carried around the gym or track. They also can simply be slipped into any training bag and their poly cover protects the diary from damp, mud, or extra damage.

Each day has a few lines to fill in and you can circle the activity you did. You can also jot down your goal. I started to use it to keep track of what I’ve been eating. I also wrote down how I felt after I exercised and wrote down my current goal.

Taking it for a test drive:

The hardest thing for me is to be consistent with writing things down. But I know, from past experience, that when I write it down, it sticks. This handy notebook helps me to keep on track. I enjoy walking around with it. It’s light and I can throw it in a bag or a purse. I was impressed with the way it was organized and the personalization of the notebook.

You can check it out at The price of a notebook is only 12.94 Euros.