Today When I Was Swimming…

Today when I was swimming…

It took me a long time to get into the water. I sat at the edge of the pool, with my feet dangling in the water. I couldn’t get myself to go in. I had every excuse telling me not to go – it’s too cold, it’s freezing outside, I don’t really want to do this, and more. You name it, that thought was going through my head!

And yet, once I forced myself to jump in, and once I took that first stroke, I felt like I was flying! I could feel the energy of my body move quickly through the water. With every stroke where my arm and hand came out of the water and then back in with a glide, I felt happy.

I realized that was the first time all day that I felt happy. (I’ve been going through a lot of stress between the business, my family, my dad, the siblings, you name it, I’m stressed about it!) So, I’m glad I took the “plunge!”

If you told me 10 years ago that I would like swimming, I would have said you were “insane!” The most I ever did was jump in to cool off and then go right out again. Maybe I would do a doggy paddle across the pool length but that was all.  I hated the feeling of the water on my skin.

Now, I yearn to go in the water. I love the feeling when I take that first stroke and the feeling of gliding through the water. It is truly amazing.

I have underwater music and when I play a tune or two, it’s like I’m dancing while swimming. All of my stress, all of the week’s aggravation, slips away and I go into a meditative trance that just feels sensational.

Tell me about your swimming experiences in the comment box. Thanks!