As most of the triathlons wind down for the season, many people will be in off season wondering what’s next. A new book by Terri Schneider, “Training Plans for Every Cycling Level – Cycling Workout Handbook – Improve Fitness with 100 of the Best Cycling Workouts,” is a perfect book to get if you are a beginner or intermediate cyclist.

The beginning of the book gives you some basic information about the bike, along with general terms and guidance. 

The beauty of this book is the training programs that are offered. Each week, the author defines what the week looks like and then the bike sessions follow. 

Cycling Workout Handbook by Terri Schneider

The book starts with fitness then goes to Tempo, Fartlek, Long rides and more. There’s even a program to build your endurance! 

The Cycling Workout Handbook includes a build program for a 50 mile ride or a 100K ride.

The programs aren’t done using a power meter, so if you have one, this isn’t the right book for you. However, if you don’t have a power meter but have a heart rate monitor and something to monitor your cadence, this is the perfect book for you! 

The book is published by Hatherleigh and it’s $15.00. You can buy it on Amazon.