Tread Labs Insert Review

Tread Labs Inserts

I don’t know about you but I’ve tried lots of inserts for my running shoes. I’ve tried custom and I’ve tried stock off-the-shelf inserts. Finding that the custom inserts where I stand in a mold, work about the same as a custom insert that I buy from an online resource.

Tread Labs

I was introduced to Tread Labs from outreach on my blog. The company makes a variety of inserts. They include comfort for everyday walking and standing on your feet, pain relief for those of us who have foot issues, and performance insoles for those of us who will use it with our running or cycling shoes.

Go on the Tread Labs website. There, click on the “find your fit.” You will be asked a series of questions about your feet.  Questions include:

  • how can insoles help you?
  • what kind of shoes do you wear?
  • describe your feet – low arches, high arches, etc.?
  • what is your shoe size?

After taking that brief quiz, the Tread Labs website will recommend a variety of inserts for your shoes or sneakers.

Dash Insole Kit

I received the dash insole kit.  Immediately, I went to my favorite pair of sneakers and took out the insole, and replaced it with the tread labs insert. BOY, what a difference that made!

The dash insole kit comes with three sets of inserts. Ones that can replace your inserts, ones that go on top of your inserts (if you can’t remove them), and then a half-size insert.

The Dash Insole Kit is designed for athletes to boost performance while minimizing the risk of injury. Dash improves biomechanics and delivers energy return from an ultra-firm, 100% carbon fiber arch support, available in 4 heights – low, medium, high, or extra-high – for a semi-custom fit.

Here are some specifics

  • The Dash Insole Kit gives you a stable platform through each point of contact with a deep heel cup and the right arch support for your foot. This helps eliminate pressure while increasing stability and improving foot, ankle, and knee alignment.
  • All Tread Labs insoles are made with a 2-part system: a molded arch support and a replaceable, interchangeable foam top cover. Peel the top cover off and make your insoles like new again without having to buy a whole new pair.
  • The Dash Insole Kit includes 1 pair of arch supports and 3 styles of durable, low-friction top covers that are easily swapped to fit all low-heeled shoe styles.

Would I recommend it?

I certainly would recommend the Tread Labs inserts. They are light, feel great on the feet, and on those long runs, they certainly make a difference.

Having a lot of different insoles from various companies, I like that the Tread Labs are semi-customized and are feel good on my feet.

For more information, great resources, or to buy a Tread Labs semi-custom insert go to


Hilary's 3 star rating