UCAN Review

I didn’t think I would like the UCAN because it had something called super starch in it. The bars had been recommended to me in the past but to be honest, I was afraid to try them.

But, recently I had the opportunity to check UCAN out.

What is Super Starch?

Super Starch, which is in all of the UCAN products is a complex carbohydrate that is a slow-release and keeps your blood sugar steady.

When you eat carbs, you get a spike in your blood sugar but then often crash. The super starch keeps you going without that crash. There are no spike and crash in blood glucose with this product.

Taking the UCAN Energy Bars to the taste…

I tried each of the different flavors – Coffee, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Cinnamon. Each has no gluten, no sugar, and they are GMO-free.

I was pleasantly surprised at how good they tasted. I’ve had bars in the past and couldn’t eat the whole thing. These, I was able to eat the entire bar.

I used it to replace a meal before a short run and I felt great. I can definitely see using these on the bike but I would probably break them up into small pieces to be able to eat on the bike. Some people double up on the protein and spread more peanut butter or almond butter on the bar. But I haven’t tried that. I recently ordered the peanut butter and chocolate bars. (People who know me for a long time would be shocked that I chose that flavor!)

Taking the UCAN Performance Energy to the test…

In addition to that, I checked out the UCAN Performance Energy drink and decided to try it out on a 10 mile run with my running group. I loaded my Camelback water bottle with UCAN and water, shook it up and 30 minutes before the run, I drank it. It had a chalking taste. But it wasn’t hard to drink.

It wasn’t until almost 2 hours into the run that I felt a little drop and that’s when I had a vanilla Honey Stinger that was in my pocket. But for almost two hours, I felt great.

After the run, I came home and decided to order two big containers of the UCAN Performance Energy and the UCAN Workout Energy Powder for workouts from 30 minutes to 1 hour. I also purchased the bars. I think it’s going to be a good triathlon/running year!