Endurance Podcasts

Here are a few of our most recent endurance podcasts from Hilary Topper on Air, Season 9.

How Chiropractors Enhance Sports Performance

Dr. Jeff Poplarski

Listen to the episode here: https://bit.ly/2ohrLKp

There was a time, not too long ago, that when you went to a chiropractor, you just got an adjustment. Today, chiropractors offer so much more! From new treatment techniques and full body assessments to hyperbaric chambers and nutrition, chiropractors treat the whole body in order to enhance overall sports performance.

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Dr. Jeff Poplarski of Sports and Family Chiropractic in Amityville, Long Island.

How Minerals Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Theresa Seaquist

Listen to the episode here: https://bit.ly/2mIfKx7

As an endurance athlete, you’re focused on your speed, your form, your mental game, and your goals for the next race, but have you thought about your nutrition? More so, do you know about the importance of minerals, like magnesium, and how they can affect your overall sports performance?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Theresa Seaquist, CEO (Chief Endurance Officer); Science Advisor Endurance Liaison for MoxiLife.

How to Maximize Your Workouts

Joel Singer

Listen to the episode here: https://bit.ly/33kcXKH

Let’s face it, in today’s fast-paced world, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! So when you’re faced with a time crunch, what is the first thing that slides? Your workout. Whether you love to exercise or hate it, how do you ensure you’re maximizing your workout time and getting the most out of the time you invest?

In this episode of Hilary Topper On Air, Hilary interviews Joel Singer MS, lead coach at MetPro – world-renowned concierge nutrition, fitness & lifestyle coaching company.

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