How To Walk Faster by Jeff Galloway

Many of my clients have improved the pace of their walk through practice.
The speed of your walk break should not drastically change the recovery that you get from it!

Follow these tips to practice increasing the pace of your walk breaks:

Here is the procedure:
1. Usually done during the middle of a recovery “walk day” between runs or during the warm down walk on a running day.
2. Warm up by walking very gently for at least 5 minutes – then do the following Drill.
3. For 10-20 seconds, pick up the cadence of the walk by shortening stride.
4. Walk gently for 30 seconds.
5. Keep alternating segments, finding a cadence or rhythm that is quicker.
6. Ease back on the cadence if you lose smoothness.
7. First day, do this for ten minutes.
8. Increase by 3-4 minutes on each successive session.
9. Goal is to have 20-30 minutes total in this workout.
10. Do this once or twice a week to maintain adaptations.

how to walk faster by jeff galloway