Wetsuit Review: ROKA Maverick Elite II Sleeveless Wetsuit

Wetsuit Review: ROKA Maverick Elite II Sleeveless Wetsuit

My first couple of wetsuits I could barely get on without “greasing” myself up! When I started wearing the ROKA Long Sleeve Maverick Wetsuit, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to slip on and off. The ROKA Maverick Elite II Sleeveless wetsuit is no different.

Made of high quality neoprene, the Maverick Elite II has an interesting buoyancy profile, that puts you in the right position to swim smoothly and quickly in the open water. It also has enhanced power and rotation. I’m particularly psyched about the new neck suspension that prohibits chafing around your neck. I’m also excited about the quick ankle release panels to enable you to kick of the wetsuit quickly and easily in T1, the place where most of the time takes place.

The thing for me about the Maverick Elite II is that when it’s warm outside, really warm and the water is relatively warm, there’s no real need for a long sleeve wetsuit unless those extra seconds really count for you. There have been summers that have been so warm that putting on a long sleeve wetsuit has been difficult.

This suit keeps you a little cooler than the long sleeve and gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility.

ROKA makes quality products and I can’t wait until open water season to check this “baby” out! Happy Swimming!