Sumarpo to Sponsor Full Book Tour!

sumarpo vanguard suit

I am so grateful to announce that SUMARPO, my favorite wetsuit company, will be sponsoring my upcoming book tour, From Couch Potato to Endurance Athlete – A Portrait of a Non-Athletic Triathlete.


Dedicated to the environment, SUMARPO is environmentally friendly. All wetsuits are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials.

They use low modulus tech (LMT) which can reduce physical consumption and improve the efficiency of the swim stroke.
The company adopts water-based and benzene-free glue in the process of glued and blind stitch, which is a historical milestone for triathlons to protect the water and the environment.

My Take

The thing about SUMARPO is I can freely move my arms in a long sleeve wetsuit in the open water.  I was not able to do that in any other suit. That’s why I always used no sleeve.

But, sleeves help you glide thru the water. I think this suit has made me a bit faster and much more comfortable in the water.

Every time I wear the wetsuit, I always turn to my training partner and say, “I really love this wetsuit.”

He always looks at me as if I’m weird, but it’s so true.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to check them out and I am a huge advocate for this brand. Having them as a sponsor on my book tour just nails it! It makes it easier to promote someone that you truly believe in.

Discounts available

If you are interested in checking out any of the SUMARPO wetsuits, go to and use the discount code: Hilary20 for 20 percent off!