What is a Hyperbaric Chamber and Can it be Used for Recovery?

Lately, there have been some really interesting ways to help with recovery. From Cryotherapy and compression therapy to rollers that look like car buffers and heated therapy balls. There’s always something new and exciting out there to help with recovery. But, what is a hyperbaric chamber and can it be used for recovery?

Originally intended for scuba diving, hyperbaric chambers is a pressurized chamber that provides you with 100 percent oxygen and is equivalent to diving up to 45 feet below sea level. According to the experts, by being in a chamber like this with 100% oxygen, you will heal and recovery quicker from injury.

When I was at Dr. Jeff Poplarski’s office the other day, I tried it out for myself. At first I was a little skeptical. “Ummm, what if I get claustrophobic?” I asked the Chiropractor.

“That’s a good question,” Dr. Poplarski said. “You will have complete control. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, all you need to do is turn the nob and I’ll hear you and get you out. Most people think they are claustrophobic but they really aren’t.”

I gave it go. He unzipped the chamber and I slid inside. I laid on a bed for 60 minutes and started to feel pressure at first as I was going down or up (I really wasn’t going down or up, but that’s how it felt. My ears started to pop a little and then I felt very relaxed.)

Interestingly, as I read some of the materials on hyperbaric chambers, I read that “the air we breathe is only 21 percent oxygen. In the chamber, you are breathing 200 percent to 240 percent oxygen. The chamber increases circulation and oxygenation.

Dr. Poplarski explained to me that many Olympians and professional athletes used the hyperbaric chamber for recovery. When I asked him how often they do this, he said, “some of them go in two times a day.”

What about for back pain or for recovery from a broken bone or injury?

Dr. Poplarski said that he would recommend twice a week for 4 to 5 weeks to see the results. “They will happen quick!” he said.

The price of using the hyperbaric chamber for an hour session is $100 an hour. Dr. Poplarski has one in his office and charges $500 for the month for unlimited time.

For more information about this, call his office at 631-598- 7034.