What to Do 36 Hours Before a Race with Coach Tim Delss

Tim Delss, Coach

A few weeks ago, Tim Delss who is the head coach of WeREndurance and CBMultisport held a training camp for WeRTriathlete members. Here’s what he said:

36 hours before the event

  • Hydration – make sure you stay hydrated 5 to 7 days before your event. “Don’t start drinking the day before and think that you’re good,” said Delss. “This is important. Also, make sure you add electrolytes to the water.”


  • Sleep well on Friday for the Sunday race!


  • Stay away from travel the day or two before the event.

Day Before the Race – 24 Hours Before

  • Don’t carb load, keep to a light dinner, said Tim Delss. “You can have a bigger lunch with protein, carbs, and fats,” he said. “Then, you can have a small dinner. If you need a glass of wine to calm your nerves, have one but don’t go overboard.”

Race Breakfast

  • Two to three hours prior to the race, eat solids.

Arriving at the Event

  • “Get there as early as you can and set up. Make sure to put your gears in the right position, give a squeeze on the breaks, make sure your tires are inflated, and then walk away and chill somewhere,” said Tim Delss.
  • He also says that if you are doing a sprint or Olympic, try to warm up in the water. If you can’t get resistance bands and loosen up.
  • Tim says that you should make it to the race start within 20 minutes of the “gun.”


  • Keep it simple
  • Be as efficient as possible – put your helmet on before you strip off the wetsuit and work yourself down. “Always start from the top and work down,” said Tim Delss. “This is one of the best tips for fast transition.”


  • Make sure to seat yourself properly in the swim. “Control what you can control,” said Delss.
  • Start out by sculling.
  • When you see the shore, keep on swimming until you can’t swim any longer.


  • “Bike for show, run for dough!” said Delss.
  • He said most people don’t ride enough. “The more time in the saddle before the race, the better!” he said.


  • On the short course, go for it. “On the longer course,” said Tim Delss, “look at your heart rate after a mile. Don’t run too fast.”

Besides these amazing takeaways, Tim Delss said something that really resonated with me. He said, “Everyone’s why is different. Figure out your why and that will keep you motivated all season.”

To get in touch with Tim, you can go to his website here – https://www.cbmultisport.com/.