What To Do When You Get a Muscle Strain

What to do when you get a muscle strain?

After getting one from a major cramp in the pool, I started to do some research on the internet. I also asked some of the experts for help.

This is what happened

I came home from a flight the night before and went swimming at the Aquatic Center in East Meadow. I swam for three hundred then put on my flippers to continue my warm-up. I swam 3 50s with my flippers doing 12 kick 3 strokes. During the fourth one, I experienced a severe cramp in my calf. I had to stop. I didn’t know what to do. The pain was incredibly intense. I massaged it. But it didn’t help. The lifeguard came over to me and told me to go into the hot tub. “The cramping usually stops with the hot tub.”

It felt a little better but when I got out, I had a hard time walking back to the locker room. Usually, cramps last for a few moments and then they dissipate. This wasn’t the case.


The first thing I read is that I should Rest, Ice, use Compression and Elevate my leg. That felt okay but I still had pain!


I reached out to Theresa Seaquist at MoxiLife, one of our sponsors, for help. Theresa is one of the most knowledgeable people I know. She said that I definitely need to take HydraMag every day. “In addition, you can use a supplement, but make sure it is a chelated form of Magnesium.”

Here’s what she suggested

The amount of Mg per serving should be under 100mg as this is the amount that is best tolerated in the gut. Although HydraMag® has 150 per serving, as a drink allows you to ingest less than 100mg per sip with a highly absorbable form of Magnesium. The best of both worlds!

So take at least one serving of HydraMag® and another tablet or capsule of chelated Magnesium.

To Help with the Muscle Strain

Apply RecoveryMag™ Epsom salt and arnica combination.

Directions: Saturate a washcloth with a 2:1 ratio of RecoveryMag™ to water, apply 2-3x daily for 15 to 20 minutes. This protocol will reduce swelling and inflammation occurring ‘at the sight’ and promote subcutaneous healing. 

After about five days

The cramp finally went away after about five days but to ensure that it never comes back, I plan on continuing to take HydraMag every day as a supplement to my diet.

Tell me what you do for a muscle cramp and you can win a surprise gift! Comment below!