What You See When You Run…

What You See When You Run…

I want to preface this story with a thank you to my friend, Nicole Thomas who is an Ironman Triathlete. She posts photos on Facebook of what she sees when she runs. I’m usually so focused inward that I don’t notice what I see on the run, but with her enlightenment, I realized there is so much you can miss. So, look around and enjoy the experience. Here’s my recent run from Pompano Beach, Florida:


When I was in Pompano Beach, I stayed at the Marriott. I asked the front desk if there were any interesting running trails.

“Yes, we have a bunch,” the woman at the front desk told me.

She showed me various routes with the longest one a 4.5-mile loop around an interesting area. It would take a mile to get to the loop and a mile back, with a 6.5-mile destination.

I decided to do it. I had 6 miles on my schedule for the Team Galloway Long Island schedule. Why not?

I started outside the hotel and walked for five to six minutes. The first thing I noticed was the sun coming up over the beach. It was beautiful. I wanted to warm up, although it was pretty warm at that hour!

I started to walk for five to six minutes. That brought me to the bridge over the intercoastal. As soon as I got to the top of the bridge, I ran down and started my journey.

As soon as I ran over the bridge, I saw St. Stephen Church. The sign said Worship at 10:15 on Sunday. “Remember when you are down, God can lift you up.” I smiled. Will God pick you up or will you pick you up? I asked myself.

Within a half mile, I was at 14th Street and US1 (Federal Highway). I waited for the light. Since the light wasn’t changing and I knew that I needed to get going, I crossed the major highway when I saw no cars coming.

Mile 1

When I got to the other side of the street, I headed north. As I ran, the highway was on my left and a beautiful golf course was on my right. I enjoyed looking at the course. It wasn’t particularly hilly or shady but it was still pretty. The sprinklers were on. I got wet, but I didn’t mind. I actually appreciated it.

Mile 2

I kept following the trail. I landed in a shaded area. I was happy. It was 6:30 am and it was hot and humid!

I kept going. I passed a woman and man on a bicycle. The woman looked to be struggling. There was no wind and I wondered why it was so difficult for her. I kept running.

I passed a man who looked like a boxer. I wondered if he was a boxer. I kept going.

Mile 3

I saw the Goodyear Blimp storage facility. I thought, “my husband will not believe this.” I laughed. Could the Goodyear Blimp really be housed here?

I kept running. The next thing I saw was a stable. There were some horses outside. Most were indoors. I don’t blame them. It was hot! Those poor animals must be suffering. I’m suffering, I thought. I ran past the stable.

Was the Goodyear Blimp real?

Mile 4

Just as I was thinking that, I saw the sign “Welcome to Goodyear Airship Operations – Home of the Goodyear Blimp.” Ha… I did see it. It’s housed here? I guess this is as good place as any to house it!

I passed an airport. I looked at the little planes and wondered what it would be like to own a plane. Maybe the plane can take me back to my hotel??? It’s hot. I’m tired. I can easily stop now.

Should I call an Uber?

Mile 5

This is it, I thought. Just two miles to go. Not bad… I’m hot, I can barely breath, but I’m going to keep going. My whole group did a minimum of six miles, I could do that too.

I was close to US1. I passed a dog park. There were so many dogs, I don’t know how they could stand being in such a small quarter together. If I were a dog, I would want the freedom to run. There was no freedom in this dog park.

Mile 5.5

I was at 14th Street. I only had a mile to go, but I was so hot and my Infinit Nutrition pack was gone. Oh, there’s a gas station. I thought, I wonder if I could buy a water?”

With only $20 of cash with me, I ran across 14th Street to the gas station and asked the attendant if she had a cold drink for sale. “Yes, what size?” she asked me.

Since I was only a mile from home, I said “small,” gave her the cash and headed toward the bridge to AIA. The bridge was up. I waited. I looked at the people in their cars. Hmmm… are they angry that the bridge is up? I went close to the draw bridge. The boat passed. We waited.

“Ummm… is the guy going to lift the gate?” I thought.

A couple of moments went by. The gate went up. I walked to the top and ran down. I continued with my interval training of 15/25. I decided throughout the run that I needed to keep it light, so I did.

I went about a quarter mile and I was back at my hotel. 6.34 miles done.

I felt good to be back!