Why Do You Need a SwimSkin?

Roka Swim Skin

When you first begin to learn about triathlons and start training, one of the things that come up in addition to getting a wetsuit is also getting a swim skin. But why do you need a swimskin if you have a wetsuit?

Warm Water

If the water is warmer than 78.1 degrees, then wetsuits are not legal in a triathlon race. Therefore, it would make sense to wear a SwimSkin. In 2019, many of the races eliminated wetsuits because the water was way too warm. However, by just wearing a tri kit, that can still create drag. To eliminate drag and to make you swifter in the water, consider getting a SwimSkin.

Roka has a variety of swim skins available for men and for women. I have one that I recently purchased from their warehouse sale and also have one that I purchased last year.

How should Swim Skins fit?

Swimskins should fit snugly but comfortably without inhibiting your breathing or arm movement. They are meant to have a tight, compression fit, like a competition pool swimming suit. They are also meant to be worn on top of a race kit and used only during the swim portion of the race. Take it off after the swim in transition. Roka recommends wearing the Swimskin prior to your race to make sure you are comfortable in it.

Why would you wear a swimskin during a race if wetsuits are not legal?

The most important thing here is that swimskins will increase hydrodynamic gains by reducing the friction between body and water due to the smooth surface of the suit and its snugness to the body.

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