Zealios Changed Their Packaging!

Zealios hair products

Zealios, the maker of skin, hair and body creams for endurance athletes, recently changed the packaging on their products. Now, it’s easier to take their products on the go!

They make the following products:

  • Lipguard – which is perfect for any time of the year to protect your lips;
  • Betwixt – which is my favorite chamois cream. I use this on my chamois before riding. I also use it to help cure blisters or rashes that I get when I swim in the open water.
  • Zelios Sun Barrier – this sunscreen is the best! It is waterproof and lasts a super long time. I use it before I swim, bike, and/or run.
  • Shower Bundle – are my favorite shampoo and conditioner after the pool or open water. They work great! They also have a lotion, which I don’t really use, but should! The lotion helps your skin from drying out.
  • Race Relief – after working out hard, use for recovery.

Package Change


I’ve been using the chamois cream and the shampoo and conditioner for almost as long as the company existed. I remember when I first received a sample to review, I was so impressed. I called the company and asked them if I could be an ambassador.

The one complaint I had about the products were they weren’t that portable.

Anyway, my complaint was heard and Zealios recently changed the packaging to plastic tubing. This makes it so much easier to take to the open water or on the bike course.

My thoughts about Zealios

I’ve been a huge fan of Zealios for the last few years and these are the best products I have used for cycling and swimming. I highly recommend them. Go to https://teamzealios.com/ and use code: ZupWERENDURANCE-22 for 25%  off ALL Zealios products!

Hilary Topper's 5 star rating