Betts Fit Bra For Bigger Busted Women

Betts fit

I’m big-busted, which is a deficit for me because certain clothes just don’t work. And, when I’m working out, running, cycling, and even swimming, I find that I bounce way too much. Therefore, I always seek out a bra that will keep me from bouncing.

Betts Fit reached out to me on Instagram. They have a new bra that is specially designed by women for big-breasted women.

Their Story

Catherine Betts was a D1 collegiate soccer player. However, when she played, she had to wear 3 sports bras to prevent the bounce. As a result, she developed debilitating neck & chest pain.

After studying neuroscience for 4 years, Catherine created a bra lab in her parents’ basement.  She started modifying sports bras with ribbon, an ace bandage, and saran wrap. Over the years she created hundreds of prototypes working with top bra designers and manufacturers.

In 2017 Betts Fit launched the beta version of the first 3-way adjustable high impact sports bra.  The sports bra patented technology includes 3 utility and 1 design patent. While pregnant with her daughter Cayley, Catherine spent 8 hours a day individually sewing 250 bras.

Today, the bra is fully functional and it’s being sold in stores and on the web.

A sample

The makers of Betts Fit sent me a bra for review. It was quite unusual. I actually had never seen a sports bra built like this. It comes with a YouTube video to learn how to actually put it on. The hooks in the back are not like any of the hooks and eyes I had ever seen. The bra itself is soft and cozy. It’s made of Italian fabric that is both comfortable and durable.


  • Custom Fit: The bra can be customized by adjusting the bust, band, and shoulder straps.
  • Bounce Free Support: The “Bounce Free” sports bra provides superior support without compromising comfort.
  • Comfortable Compression: Pull the cord to tighten the corset and lock in your fit. Release your breasts after your workout.

Taking it for a Test Drive

I wore the Betts Fit on both a ride and a run and you know what? It felt comfortable. I may have gotten a size a little big and may want to go down a size if I buy it again. The corset in the front worked well. I tucked the string in a small pouch on the front of the bra. I found the hooks in the back interesting as well.

What I liked best about this bra was that it felt comfortable. It wasn’t rough. It was soft and it kept me from bouncing. I was happy. The only thing I did not like about the bra was that the inside flap by the cleavage kept shifting. I didn’t feel it but when I looked down, I could see it was out of place and it was a little annoying.

Other than that, I washed the bra twice in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and it seemed to hold up. Although the pocket in the front is intentional, I would remove it. The corset was a little awkward as well. I’m not sure that it was necessary. Nevertheless, I did like the bra and will continue to use it.

You can pick up a bra if you like by going to