Bolder Athletic Wear Introduces Bike Shorts

Bolder Bike Shorts

The company that makes the cutest running skorts, have now introduced Bike Shorts. And these aren’t just bike shorts, they are absolutely awesome. (Discount code at the end of the blog!)

Here’s why…

Bolder Athletic Wear Bike Shorts

They are 80% polyester and 20% spandex. They fit snug and have two large pockets on the sides of the shorts. You could practically fit a water bottle in there, but if you’re on your road or tri bike, I wouldn’t do that.

The shorts also have a zipped pocket in the back that is big enough for your iPhone 12 to fit. You could probably fit a couple of gels in there as well!

What I love about these shorts

The other thing that I love about these shorts is that the leg has a wide band as not to leave impressions on your skin as do many of the other bike shorts.

The chamois is thick, nice for a long ride.  The other difference in the chamois is that it’s very soft. I find a lot of the other brands are a little rougher and I need more chamois cream.

The Bolder Athletic Wear bike shorts come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, similar to their running skorts.

The waist line is slightly bunched up in the front and smooth in the back. But, when you put them on, they fit perfectly!

Where to get a pair?

You can pick up a pair at Use the code: Hilary15 to get 15% off your order!