Bolder Athletic Wear Running Skirt Review

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Runners like to have fun. We can be goofy and wear silly running apparel when we want, but, we are also competitive. I met the owners of Bolder Athletic Wear at the Donna Marathon in Jacksonville. The booth at the expo drew me in. They had the coolest running skorts in tons of different patterns.

Bolder Athletic Wear provided me with a skort (skirt with shorts underneath) to review on this blog.

The skort I chose was the Frida SwingStyle skirt.

I’m a big fan of funky skulls with lots of colors and this skort fits the bill.

The skort is named after Frida Kahlo, a famous Mexican artist. It features red wicking undershorts that carry two 6X6″ leg pockets. You can also store valuables in the 12″ zippered waistband pocket that you can wear in the front or the back. 

Taking it for the Test Run

I decided to wear the skort for the NYC Half Marathon that didn’t happen. My running team and I decided to host our own race in March, where we ran more than 6 feet apart, single file. We ran at Cedar Creek Park and went to the Jones Beach Boardwalk, running 6.5 miles out and 6.5 miles back with a tad more once we got off the trail.

It was a windy cold day, but I wanted to wear my new Bolder Frida Skort so I did!

The Bolder Wear skort was comfortable. I was thinking that the short part would bother me, but it didn’t. I found it move with my body.

Bolder Wear Caters to All Women

What I love about Bolder Wear is they cater to all women runners. They have styles in all sizes ranging from XS to 3XL = 3XS to 3XL (4XL upon request). Women have different body types and so do runners. They made this brand for all women!

The company is owned by Leah and Tom Powell and it is located in Plant City, Florida. They have tons of different styles, along with leggings, and matching accessories. So, if you like to be coordinated, this could be your go-to shop!

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