CBD Remedi Review

I have to say that I’m so glad that CBD is now legal because for triathletes and runners, we need something that will help reduce inflammation and keep us active. The new CBD Remedi is a perfect addition to your gym bag!

Remedi Organics is an awesome company. I’ve been using their ointments for the last couple of months and love their products. I typically use them before I go on a run by placing the cream on my achilles and during the run, I feel great!

CBD product Remedi Organics

Remedi Organics took it one step further by offering a new product, CBD Remedi, to aid in recovery.

This stuff works! 

I used it several times after a run or after a tough strength workout and I found that it helped pretty quickly. The CBD Remedi uses many of the same ingredients as their original product. It smells like menthol with a hint of marijuana. 

According to the website, “Unlike traditional hemp salves, CBD Remedi uses a nano-encapsulated CBD molecule that is more easily absorbed by your body’s CBD-2 receptors, which means you will get faster, longer-lasting relief after each use. Our NanoHemp formula is also oder free, and does not use any paraffin’s or wax, which means the cream will fully absorb through your skin without leaving a greasy, smelly residue.”

The product has 300 mg of CBD and I look forward to continuing to use it to help aid in my recovery.

If you are interested in checking it out, I have a discount code to get you 20% off. Use code Hilary20 and go to https://www.remediorganics.com/shop/infused-remedi-300mg/