Pain Remedi – New Product Review

Naturally Powerful Pain Relief
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Pain Remedi– New Product Review

I get sent samples of pain relief products all the time. However, most of them don’t work and when they don’t work, I don’t review them. Recently, Pain Remedi, a new company located in Carmel Valley, California, reached out to me, and I’m glad they did because this product really does work!

First the back story…

The co-owner, Romi Kristl, explained that the product was founded in Slovakia over 20 years ago in a small remote village near the Carpathian Mountains. The creator of the cream was involved in the sports rehabilitation field (mainly soccer, basketball, and tennis) for nearly 30 years. He realized his clients were in need of a naturally powerful cream that provided faster, more effective results. Since nothing in the market was up to his standards, he decided to create his own cream.

Romi Kristl wanted to become a professional snowboarder. He was traveling through Europe and competing on the Freeride World Qualifying Tour. He suddenly sustained a neck injury during a competition in Verbier, Switzerland. Romi was in desperate need of relief before his next contest, and couldn’t find a solution to his neck pain. While visiting relatives in Slovakia, he was introduced to a homeopathic pain relief specialist that was certified in sports rehabilitation. After one visit, and two applications of the so-called “miracle cream,” his neck pain subsided and our co-founder went on to win the next stop on the Freeride Tour.

One Year Later

One year after this incident, he decided to go back to Slovakia to visit his family, and thank the sports rehabilitation specialist who formulated this “miracle cream”. He ended up bringing some of the cream back home and got remarkable feedback. It seemed to be more effective than any other cream currently available in the US markets.

Approximately one year later, Remedi Organics was born, and the special pain relief formula that was developed in the Carpathian Mountains of Slovakia is now available.

What is Pain Remedi?

Pain Remedi is made of Water, Vasoline, Hemp Oil, Methol, Arnica, Rosemary, Devil’s Claw and Eugenol Oil, among other things. All the ingredients are natural.

When I was talking with Romi, we discussed how many of the products in Europe are much stronger than in the US. I have found that some of the pain relief there works 100% better than advil or tylenol. He agreed.

The company encourages athletes to apply to muscles and joints 15 to 30 minutes before exercise. This will activate the muscle groups. It should last for approximately 3 to 4 hours. When you train hard, apply the cream after workout to reduce muscle and joint inflammation, they say.

They’ve had testimonials from athletes around the country and are now introducing the product to runners and triathletes.

What did I find?

I tried it on my hip and my lower back. I immediately noticed the difference. First off the smell is soothing. It smells like peppermint. At first, I wasn’t sure. I tried it again before I went to sleep and had a great night’s sleep. I didn’t feel pain when I woke up, so I was happy.

Usually, when I run, I have issues with my achilles. There’s a pulling sensation that is quite painful. I often ignore but it really does bother me. So, I started using the cream on my achilles before a run.  And you know what? The cream helped.

I’m impressed and plan on buying a lot more! I’ve been bringing the sample packs with me when I go out of town. For example, I used it at the Mighty Hamptons Olympic, Hamptons Half Marathon and the San Jose Rock ‘N Roll 10K. This will be one of my go to products to take with me from now on!  

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