SOS Hydration Review

We all need to drink more than we do. I know for me, I don’t drink nearly enough water to keep myself hydrated. So, when SOS Hydration contacted me about reviewing the product, I was interested and said, “sure, send it over.” Here’s my review.

SOS Hydration

The company sent me a sample pack of 10 “stick” servings, including two citruses, two watermelons, two mangos, two coconuts, and two berry sticks.

You take one stick, open it up and pour it into a 16 oz glass of water. The company suggests that if you are doing extreme exercise for more than 60 minutes, take two sticks instead of one and mix with 16 oz of water.

What Can You Use it For?

SOS Hydration can be used for any activity including the swim, bike and run. However, the company also says that the product is good for airline travel when you get dehydrated on a plane. It is also good for a “hangover,” and believe it or not, sleep! (I never realized that you lose that much water when you sleep but I guess when you sweat, you lose it.)

They even say you can use it to prevent the coronavirus because if you are hydrated enough you are less likely to catch something than if you were dehydrated.

I thought this was interesting…

On the SOS Hydration website, it says that during a normal day we lose about two liters of water just through breathing, sweat, urine and bowel movements. When we exercise, we can lose up to two liters per hour. 

While sweating, the two main electrolytes lost are sodium (range 10-70 mEq/L) and chloride (range 5-60 mEq/L).

Dehydration results in an increase in cardiovascular strain, with heart rate being shown to increase by 4 beats per minute for each percent loss in body weight. This corresponds with an increase in body temperature and the rate at which glycogen stored in the muscles is consumed. 

When we first start to sense thirst, we are already close to 2% dehydrated. This can result in headaches, tiredness, and fatigue which are further exacerbated without adequate rehydration and rebalancing of electrolytes.

What did I think?

To me, it had a very slight taste of the flavor. It just tasted like enhanced water. Apparently, the product has less sugar, carbs, and fewer calories than any of the other competitors out there like Nuun, Skratch, etc. It also has more vitamins than these competitors, according to its website.

So where can you try it?

You can check it out by buying a sample pack for $8.99. It’s on the website.