Motivation by Jeff Galloway

Almost every runner feels better after almost every run. But there are “those days” every year when the subconscious reflex brain is under a higher level of stress/pressure and will divert you away from thoughts about taking a run by sending messages like “there’s too much to do.” By taking conscious action, you can override the reflex brain, feel better and get moving.

jeff galloway

Each of the simple actions below can improve mental attitude in each workout. Each of these actions stimulates the secretion of the positive attitude hormones that make you feel better physically and emotionally. As you take one step after another, you will gradually increase the flow of the “good attitude” substances and gain control over your attitude. Soon you will have confidence in the system, and it becomes easier and easier to get going.

  • Eat a blood sugar boosting snack 
  • Drink a cup of coffee, if you drink coffee and have no problems doing so 
  • Start walking 
  • Smile 
  • Breathe in cadence with your steps 
  • Believe that you will feel better, and that you are doing something positive for yourself.
  • Lower the adversity of the workout/race, shorten your running segments which often leaves you feeling so strong that you increase speed at the end or at least “feel strong” at the end.

Jeff Galloway is an Olympian athlete and the founder of the run/walk/run method. To find out where there is a local Galloway team, go to