Galloway Runners Aren’t Slow…

As I do more and more of these races, I realize that most people are doing a variation of the run/walk/run method, developed by Jeff Galloway. When I first started learning about the method, I thought that only slow runners had an interest in it.

But, as I am learning, there are a lot of very fast runners using his method!

Recently, Team Galloway Long Island had an influx of new runners, many of whom are running between a 7 min/mile and a 8 min/mile.

Jeff Galloway, Olympian and founder of the Run/Walk/Run Method

Jeff Galloway has a book called, How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon, where he specifically talks with faster runners about how to meet the grueling 3:15 cut off for the full marathon!

Why do faster runners use the Galloway Method?

According to Jeff Galloway, taking walking breaks:

  • Speed you up: an average of 7 minutes faster in a 13.1 mile race when non-stop runners
  • Give you control over the way you feel during and after
  • Erase fatigue
  • Push back your wall of exhaustion or soreness
  • Allow for endorphins to collect during each walk break
  • Break up the distance into manageable units
  • Speed recovery
  • Reduce the chance of aches, pains and injury
  • Allow older or heavier runners to recover fast, and feel as good as in the younger (slimmer) days
  • Activate the frontal lobe – maintaining your control over attitude and motivation

I’m really excited to coach these faster runners and help them get to their next level!

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