Peeing While Running or Cycling? Really?

This may seem like an odd post. But the topic of peeing while running and cycling came up several months ago when I was sitting in Montauk after the Event Power’s MightyMan Montauk with a group of friends and I was telling them about my experience driving to Montauk.

“I was on my way to Montauk and I was alone,” I said. “I was drinking water like crazy. I knew I had to hydrate before the Sprint. So I drank and drank and drank and by the time I got to Quague, I had to go to the bathroom.

I pulled off the road and drove looking for a 7-11 or a gas station. But I couldn’t find one. The feeling was becoming urgent. I went into a residential area. I didn’t know what to do. Should I pull over and pee behind the car? Should I knock on someone’s door?

I decided to knock on someone’s door. The people let me in and I ran to their bathroom. I was definitely nervous but I needed to go!”

Everyone laughed.

“Well, once you really get into triathlons, you will realize that you need to pee anywhere — while you run, while you swim, while you bike,” one guy said.

“WHAT??? ON THE BIKE????” I said. I was in disbelief.  I can’t even urinate in the water let alone on a bike!

“Yeah, you get used to it,” he said.  Other people around the table agreed.  “We urinate all the time,” one woman told me. “If we stop and use the porta-potties, we will lose time. You just learn to go when you have to.”

I couldn’t believe it. The thought of people peeing while they cycled or ran totally grossed me out. Then I read an article in Triathlete Magazine about the “Peeing issue.” It said that it is illegal to pee on the course unless you use a porter potty.

I wanted to find out from a local referee for Event Power Long Island.

“Yes, peeing on the course is illegal and violates the general conduct rule which states “all participants must conduct themselves in a manner that is not offensive in any way to fellow participants, spectators, officials or volunteers and is considered reasonable and acceptable in the community.” There is also a violation for indecent exposure so depending on the situation, they would cite the rule. The person who violates the rule is subject to a time penalty which varies depending on the length of the race…sprint/olympic is 2 min and half and full are 4 min. The rules can be pulled up from the USAT website – article 3.3b and article 3.4n ….,” said Vicki Edwards, USAT Certified Cat 2 Official and coach/owner of East End Tri.

Apparently, it happens more than most know but happens so fast that many officials have a hard time seeing it happen.

Whatever the case, it’s illegal and you will get a penalty.  Just another interesting fact about triathlons…

Love to hear your thoughts on the matter…