Questions and Answers about Strava

What is Strava?

Strava is a social networking site for athletes. You can follow your friends and give them “kudos” on their workouts. There are two different versions – free and paid for. The paid-for version gives you a lot more data on your particular workout.  Strava connects with Garmin, Training Peaks, and Final Surge, among other apps. As of 2021, there were 95 million people on Strava in 196 countries.

What is the verified badge?

The orange badge next to someone’s name means that they were verified by Strava as being an authentic public figure.

What’s the benefit of using Strava?

You can track your speed, distance, heart rate, and more for the swim, bike, and/or run. Tracking what you have done, enables you to review your history and make adjustments to improve.

What is the difference between paid and free Strava?

The free version lets you filter activities by date to see results for this year, month, or day. Strava Premium, or the paid-for version, lets you filter leaderboards by age and weight category to get a comparison of your performance.

Premium also provides you with more data than the free version. Further, it has a beacan device that enables someone to track you during a run.

What is a Kudos?

A way to congratulate other athletes for doing a job well-done.

Who is the most popular on Strava?

Laurens Ten Dam, a Dutch cyclist, is one of the most popular athletes, if not the most popular athlete on Strava. She is followed by 93,510.

Who runs the most according to Strava?

Sixty-one year old, David Simon of California, ran 2,000 hours in 2021.  Running 30K a day is part of his routine.

Should I keep my profile private on Strava?

No one cares how fast or how much time it took you to do an activity. The important part here is that you did it. So why not show it off?

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