ROKA’s Maverick Swim Run Wetsuit

swim run kit from Roka

I’ve been wanting to do more swim-run events. I usually compete in the UJA-Federation Swim Run Sprint and love that event. Since I really enjoyed that one, I vowed I would do more Swim-Run events in the future.

ROKA’s Maverick Swim-Run Wetsuit

I didn’t realize that there was a specific wetsuit just for Swim-Run events. I had been using my ROKA no sleeve wetsuit for the UJA event. But then, I noticed that there was a specific one just for Swim-Run. So, I got it from ROKA.

What makes this wetsuit different than the “normal” wetsuit is it zips in the front so it’s easy to take off. It also has long sleeves to keep you warm and aerodynamic while swimming. It has shorts instead of a full-length pant leg to easily get out during the transition.

The ROKA Maverick Swim-Run Wetsuit has a pocket that can fit some of your swim supplies, like your goggles, earplugs, and nose plug. You could even squeeze in your sneakers.


Roka has a patented “ARMS-UP” technology and a graduated 1/3/5mm neoprene thickness for buoyancy when you need it. It has a front zip for quick ventilation and access to interior pockets for the run. In addition to that, it has two pockets that have velcro inside the suit.

The crotch has a run-specific design to reduce rubbing and chafing between the legs.

The fabric has SCS Nano coating for speed and there is an internal liner for comfort, support, and flexibility. Further, there is a 2mm thickness on the legs to prevent pressure when running.

The Roka Maverick Swim-Run Wetsuit is made from premium Yamamoto neoprene materials.

Taking it to the test

At first, I put the suit on backward. I couldn’t understand why the zipper was so short. Once I had it on, it felt a bit restricting. I wished it was a short sleeve suit instead of a long-sleeve suit. Although there is a lot of flexibility in the ROKA suits, I still found it hard to swim. On this day, I took it off for the run because it was way too hot outside.  During an event like SOS, you should be wearing it during the run portion. So, I didn’t get a chance to check out the full effect of the suit. If I do, I’ll update this blog at a later date!

To get yourself a Roka Maverick Swim-Run Wetsuit go to The wetsuit is made for both men and women and retail for $450.