Running Rewired Book Review

Jay Dicharry is the author of Running Rewired – Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength & Speed. He is one of the leading physical therapists and board-certified Sports Clinical Specialists. In this new book, he tries to dissect your running posture and make you a more efficient and effective runner.

Running Rewired starts with talking about how runners interpret hard work with high volume of work, which aren’t mutually exclusive. Runners tend to run hard on every workout and tend to put in the mileage. If you have been running a long time, your body is wired a certain way, which drives your running form. He says, “virtually every runner I’ve ever met would be better served dropping one run a week and adding some skill work instead.”

Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry

Dicharry gets a little more technical as the chapters progress. Then during the remainder of the book, he focuses on exercises to strengthen your running form. For example, there’s a whole chapter on fixing your posture and improving your mobility, with step by step guides to show you how to do them.

The author has exercises for your hip, your feet and explains how to have better propulsion. He provides concrete exercises to make you stronger.

Some of these books are generally easy to read and easy to understand while others are not. I can’t say Running Rewired is easiest book on the market. But, I can say that it is highly informative and gives a real in-depth look at how to rewire your training.

I particularly like the strength training that focuses on precision and performance.

If you’re looking to re-invent your existing run, Running Rewired is for you. It’s available through VeloPress or Amazon.