Santic Picasso Bike Shoes

Santic Picasso Cycling Shoes

If you love to bike, then you will absolutely love the Santic Picasso Bike Shoes. I look down when I ride wearing them and it makes me so happy.

Here’s why

The Santic Picasso is a versatile, high-performance road cycling shoe with classic background color and energetic graffiti that is as colorful as Picasso’s painting style, hence the name. It integrates art into life, which is what I love.  For me the more color the better!

The cleats are compatible with a 3 bold road cleat. I used the Picassos with my Speedplay cleats and they worked perfectly. The shoes are properly vented on both the upper and outer soles. What I love most about the shoes is that it has a fast and secure closure, powered by a micro-adjustable atop dial and a Velcro strap for a fine-tuned fit of the forefoot area.

What’s my take on the Santic Picasso Cycling Shoes?

As I stated early, I find them extremely comfortable. They are perfect for fall, spring, or winter (with a cover). For the summer, I prefer more open shoes. But this three-season shoe is bright, and cheerful and makes riding even more fun. You’ll see me riding these for many years to come!

The best part, the shoes won’t rob your bank account. You can pick them up on the Santic website for $119.99. They come in white and black.

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