A 5.8 Mile Birthday Run

I didn’t expect to run in solitary on my birthday. I was anticipating going down to gorgeous St. Petersburg and competing in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon. Instead, with COVID-19 and the lockdown in New York, I stayed home. I ran a birthday run around the neighborhood.

Running around the neighborhood

It was our scheduled run with my running group. I told everyone to run 5.8 in celebration of my 58th birthday. I was going to run in a park, but instead, I ran around the neighborhood. The miles went by quickly. I ran from my house to Bellmore Avenue in Bellmore, then ran to Grand Avenue and took that to Merrick Avenue. From there, I ran to Little Whaleneck where I ran all the way north. At some point, I cut across on one of the side streets and took that to Camp and then home. 5.8 miles.

Interesting things I noticed

During the run, I noticed some interesting things. For starters, there were lots of drawings of rainbows on many of the homes. I figured that it may have been an assignment for school. But then, I realized yes, it could have been, but what made me go down this particular block to see them? My mother… When I see rainbows, I think of my mother. I smiled. She was wishing me a happy birthday.

As I was getting closer to my home, I saw a bunch of balloons outside someone’s home. I smiled again. Balloons for Lori and me?

Group call

When I got into the house, I quickly showered and changed to get ready for my virtual running group call. We all talked about our runs and it was just great seeing everyone. Of course, they all wished me a happy birthday and that made me smile.

After the call

After the Zoom call, I walked into the kitchen and lit a candle for my beautiful sister who shared a birthday with me. It was such a magnificent day and I know she would have loved it. (She may have been working since she was a nurse.)

My husband made the family pancakes and we opened up a bottle of champagne. We toasted to my sister and me.

After that, we sat on the couch and started to watch TV. Suddenly, a youtube video came on and it just lit up my world. It was so special. I share it on NYLifestyleBlog.com but I’m going to share it here as well.

What a beautiful day in solidarity. It may have been one of the best birthdays I had in years.