The Running Event 2019 Re-Cap

I love attending this show because I reconnect with people I’ve met in the past and I meet new people at The Running Event (TRE) 2019. Here’s my re-cap.

What was different?

There were several things I noticed this year that was different than in prior years. For starters, there were a lot of Ironman branded products including a running stroller, massage chair and even a pair of men’s boxers.

Check out for more about the product specs.
Ironman massage chair by Addaday
Ironman branded underwear???

The other thing that was different this year was that CBD companies finally found their market in runners and triathletes. There were at least a half dozen companies there representing the CBD industry.

New Products

I loved meeting entrepreneurs of new companies and learning about the need they are trying to fill with runners and triathletes. Here are a few:

What a clever invention to put a flashing light on your ponytail! This is good for both runners and riders.
Portable compression sleeves! Move over Normatec, there’s a new company that is making portable compression that they claim works on your entire leg.
Even Jeff Galloway had a new product on the market!

My favorite booth

goodr Booth!

Goodr did a great job attracting attention. Funny, I told them I was in Ft. Lauderdale and I realized I didn’t have my running glasses. I literally ran to a running store and asked for a cheap pair of running glasses. The man behind the counter brought out so many different pairs of goodr glasses. I purchased a pair in blue.

Interestingly, when I was at a recent run with my running group, another runner had the same pair! There are hundreds of different variations. I found that funny.

Anyway, the folks at goodr invited me to a party at a trailer park that they were all staying at and said, “come by for free glasses.” I ended up opting out of that one but I did get a kick out of the great branding!

Best Product

I met the guys from MyoStorm last year and loved their product. I wrote about it on a subsequent blog. They recently were featured in Shark Tank and are currently in negotiations to get funded. I see this company going far because of its awesome recovery device that includes heat, vibration, and massage. Their product is the Meteor and comes in two colors – black and red.

Myostorm’s Meteor is an incredible product. (Ask me for a discount code!)

It was a fantastic show and in the coming weeks, I will be writing reviews about some of the products I got to test at the show. Keep an eye out and let me know your thoughts in the comment area below.