UA FLOW Velociti Elite Review

UA FLOW Velociti Elite

On Sunday, November 6, Sharon Lokedi, of UA Mission Run Dark Sky Distance won the 2022 New York City Marathon.  She wore a World Athletics-approved prototype of the next iteration of the UA FLOW Velociti Elite.  Her time of 2:23:23. Lokedi traditionally specializes in the 5k, 10k, and half marathon distances. The NYC Marathon was Lokedi’s marathon debut.

I got a pair

Following Sharon’s epic race, I received a pair of the UA FLOW Velociti Elite Shoes to test out. The shoes, which are meant for half or full-marathon running, are fast and comfortable.

UA FLOW Velociti Elite

The running community has seen a seismic shift in footwear technology, most acutely impacting the elite level. Long-standing world records are continually getting shattered. Athletes are getting faster and qualifying standards keep getting lower. Advancements in materials innovation have paved the way for a new landscape of ‘super shoes’, where runners are opting for higher stack, more cushioned, and more propulsive racing shoes.

In order to give every stride more purpose, efficiency, momentum, and acceleration, UA set out to break the tape with the development of a new marathon shoe and track spike: the UA FLOW Velociti Elite and the Shakedown Elite. Featuring UA’s award-winning, UA Flow technology, these new run footwear offerings are redefining fast for pro athletes chasing the finish line this racing season.

But they’re not only for the pro or the elite. If you want to see improvements in your time, the UA FLOW Velociti may be just the sneaker for you.

Side view of the UA FLOW Velociti Elite

The UA FLOW Velociti

The shoes have a lot of really interesting features. For starters, these shoes represent UAs foray into the world of carbon-plated racers and do so in a fashion that prioritizes comfort as much as speed.

The shoes are a midsole design with a curved carbon plate embedded between two layers of foam. The top layer is comprised of a lightweight and energetic Pebax foam. The second layer features Under Armour’s Supercritical Flow foam. The Supercritical Foam layer delivers a bouncy and stable ride.

The stitched upper mesh wraps nicely around the foot and works with the molded heel cup to deliver a secure and comfortable fit. Overall, the FLOW Velociti Elite offers an exceptionally comfortable and speedy experience and is ready to make a statement at your next half or full marathon.  

The FLOW Velociti Elite shoes are lightweight at 7.7 oz and have an 8mm heel-to-toe drop.

What did I think of them?

I’ve been wearing them for the last several months and I love them. They are fast, comfortable, and responsive. Although you still feel the road, they do provide that cushioning that will take you all the way to the end.

They are pricey but they are worth it if you want to see yourself improve significantly. The retail cost is $250. They are slated to release on April 13, 2023. Make sure to grab yourself a pair.