Wetsuit Review: ROKA Maverick X Wetsuit

Wetsuit Review: ROKA Maverick X Wetsuit

If you’re a swimmer or a triathlete, you know that ROKA makes great products. Recently, they introduced the Maverick X Wetsuit and there’s been a ton of buzz about it.


I’m lucky enough to have had the opportunity to sample the wetsuit and I found the following:

  • This neoprene suit is easier to get on than many of the other wetsuits.
  • It’s extremely comfortable. I didn’t find that my arms were restricted and it had an interesting mesh panel on the lower arm.IMG_0845
  • There is a large gray panel that runs through your midsection that creates more buoyancy.
  • The wetsuit has a great look and it’s fits perfectly.
  • It really feels like a second skin in the water.
  • It is a breeze to take off this wetsuit. It literally slides off and if you’re a triathlete you know that T1 can be a deal breaker!

I tried it out in the open water and when the swim coach said, “make the wetsuit glide,” it did. I felt like it was a breeze going through the water and to be honest, I went faster than I had gone in weeks so I was feeling really good about my performance.


What’s interesting and different about this suit is the ROKA company designed the suit from the “arms up, and continued prototyping to pinpoint a golden ratio in the interplay between arm position and patterning.”

The Maverick X is made of Neoprene Yamamoto 38 (arms, shoulders, chest, back, hips, legs) and 39 (buoyancy and core stability panels).


So what did I think? I loved it! I was impressed with the way it was made with the different panels. I was impressed with the feel of it. And, I was impressed with the way it came on and off pretty easily. But I was most impressed with how I felt gliding through the water.