I Went 15 Miles?

I went 15 miles?

My running coach, Jeff Galloway, had on the schedule to run 15 miles today. How could I run 15 miles when I could barely walk?

My tri coach, Danielle Sullivan, former pro-triathlete, owner of Iron Fit Endurance and my coach, told me to see an ART specialist in Farmingdale, and a foot doctor in Islip. “They are the best,” she told me.

What did I have to lose?

I took the entire week off from running and ran 3 miles on Tuesday before seeing Dr. McGuinnes. When I went to the office, he looked at my foot, took x-rays and told me that I had both bursitis and tendinitis in my Achilles. “You need to wear heels, ice daily, take naproxin…”  and the list went on… I did what he said because I do want to run this NYC Marathon in November. It’s been a dream for a very long time and this year, I finally got accepted.

So I did what the doc told me to do, even though I hated the fact that I had to wear heels walking around the city on Wednesday. It was no picnic! The bottoms of my feet were totally sore!

Anyway, these little tips worked and although Jeff wanted me to run another 3 miler during the week before the 15 mile run, I told Danielle that I needed to do the long run on Friday. “I have a party on Sunday and I’m going out with a very old friend Saturday night. I don’t want to be totally blown away all weekend,” I told her.

She cut out the smaller run and I went the 15 miles today. I decided to change it up and park at Tobay Beach at 6 am and run the path to Jones Beach. The path is only 3.6 miles so I had to run around the parking lot to get it to over 4 miles and then headed back. The first 8 miles were easy. I was happy. I wasn’t hurting too badly. And I even thought my shadow looked like a Modigliani painting.

IMG_0920The first four miles to Jones Beach were incredibly buggy. I was glad I sprayed myself with sun tan lotion and bug spray, but it didn’t really help. They were all over me. I got a little respite when I ran the 20 seconds but as soon as I was walking the 30 seconds, they attacked me! I felt that the 20/30 was easy but I didn’t want to change it up. I was afraid that it would start to bother my Achilles.

At mile 8, I was back at Tobay. The bathrooms were now open and I ran in to wash my head and face. The sun was already incredibly hot and it was only 7 am! I also went back to my car and stocked up on hydration. I felt strong and ready to keep going and get it done!

I changed up my timing to 20/20 and ran/walked like that for the next four miles. At mile 11.65, I headed back. This is it, I told myself. I can do this. I got this.

I stopped a few times to stretch my legs and my hamstring. I was hurting!

Those last few miles felt like they were so slow. When I finally got to 13, I said, “two more to go….” I knew I had it. I never ran past 13 miles before!

Mile 14 felt impossible. I got this. I’m going to make it. I can see the small Tobay building in the distance. Every quarter mile hurt more and more. At mile 14.5, I know I was almost there, I stopped again and stretched. Okay, this is it. I’m heading on in… I was really happy I completed the 15 and then looked at the schedule and realized that in two weeks, I have to do 17. OMG, how am I going to do that!