Zwift Has a New Look!

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Have you been on Zwift lately? If not, when you sign in again, you will be in for a surprise. The dashboard has been completely overhauled. Don’t think – no worries I’ll just go back to the legacy dashboard. Think again. The new home screen is the home screen.

Pairing workouts

Now, you can pair a workout with a specific route. Say, for example, you have an interval workout, you can now pair that with a flat distance ride or whatever your heart desires. You no longer get three options on places to ride. You now can pick any ride within the Zwift portfolio.

Icons on the top of the screen

Across the top of the screen are navigational icons to help you see and interact with a lot more before starting your ride. Now, watch for upcoming events, check out available worlds, view routes and route details, find a workout or training plan, customize your kit, check your achievements, and more. You even have access to your garage from the dashboard instead of when you finish the ride.

In addition, you will see the expected time to complete, distance, elevation, and difficulty rating. Zwift is trying to make the system smart so that it can be customized to the way you ride and the routes you prefer.

The “Just Ride” carousel displays a collection of some of Zwift developers’ favorite routes, including short, medium, and longer rides of varying difficulties.

What do the flame icon and number mean?

That’s their new route difficulty rating. The numbers next to the flame icon help communicate the general level of difficulty for each route on a scale of 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest ).
So if you’re looking to really give your legs a burn, go for a 5! Need a rest day, try a route with a 1 rating. These ratings will help you plan a ride that’s right for you.

How is the Route Calculated for Difficulty?

Each route is calculated for each route by distance, elevation, and terrain. A new duration metric estimates how long it will take to finish a ride. Then, depending on how long it takes the majority of people to ride these routes, that number is on the route.

What do you think of the new dashboard? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.