Having Second Thoughts about the 70.3

I signed up, yet again, for a 70.3 (half Ironman). This time, I signed up for the Maine 70.3. I had a comp for Augusta but felt that I wouldn’t have the support there that I would have in Maine. But, now I’m having seconds thoughts about the 70.3.

It’s not that I feel I can’t do it. And, it’s not that I feel like it’s too much or that it scares me. It doesn’t. I know I can do it. It’s the training that I’m concerned about. Do I really want to spend that much time on the bike preparing for this event? Do I really want to spend hours in the open water?

Gearing up for a 70.3?

I love to swim, bike and run but I just not motivated to spend that much time training.

And, then there are all the people you hear about every year who don’t finish the 70.3. That scares me a little to know that that could happen to me.

As for the run, I know I’ll be fine since I’m always training for a different event every season. But, the bricks are different. You really need to dig deep to do them.

Evaluating the training plans, it had four to six-hour rides. Since I do almost all of my training solo, it’s a lot of time to be alone! Plus, every time I ride, I have so much pain in my legs…

So, do I really want to devote my summer to this?

It’s amazing how I was so excited about doing this half Ironman at the start of the year and now, I’m happy not to do it.

Have you ever felt that you lost motivation? What did you do to bring it back? Did it ever come back? Comment below to win a free prize pack from Zealios.