Book Review: Triathlon 2.0 Data-Driven Performance Training

Triathlon 2.0

Once you participate in Triathlons, you realize the swim bike run event is much bigger than you will ever be. It truly is a humbling sport. Just when you thought you were somewhat good at a discipline, someone comes along and kicks your butt!

So how do you get better? Is it possible to be the best athlete you can be without being a natural athlete?

Triathlons take a toll on both your mental and physical state, so how can you reach the next level of your training?

The new book, Triathlon 2.0 Data-Driven Performance Training by Jim Vance, will teach you how to understand the metrics and learn to be a better athlete.

This book is for those out there who love the analytics. It delves into all aspects of training, race strategies and even post race strategies. Vance talks in depth about power meters vs. training with heart rate monitors and why power meters are the way to go. He also discusses training zones, assessing fitness levels, preparing training plans and more!

Triathletes love technology, but analyzing the data is not that simple. Although Vance tries to simplify it, to be honest, I was still a little intimidated and found it difficult to understand. It’s definitely a complex topic and the book is written more for a coach, than an athlete.  However, if you are the type who loves to understand numbers, graphs and charts, this book will definitely be a benefit to you!

I thought Vance’s pre-race preparations were interesting. There’s so much to consider and so much to think about right before and during the race that will set you apart from the competition.

Vance is a good writer. Triathlon 2.0 Data-Driven Performance Training is thought-provoking and packed with a ton of great takeaways. I think it is a perfect book for anyone who loves triathlons, especially anyone doing a half Iron or long course triathlon!