Micronutrients and Endurance Training


Micronutrients are important for an endurance athlete. Theresa Seaquest of MoxiLife is an expert in this field.  She recommends that athletes get the right micronutrients from their diet or through supplementation.

Micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals, play an important role in overall health, performance, and recovery. Vitamins are essential for energy production, while minerals are needed to regulate water balance, muscle contraction, and nerve transmission. Additionally, they help your body produce hormones, enzymes, and proteins.

Getting the right micronutrients from your diet is key for athletes of any age or level. However, as an endurance athlete, you may have increased requirements for certain micronutrients due to higher-intensity training. A well-balanced diet with a variety of foods can provide many of the vitamins and minerals needed for optimal performance.

You may also need to supplement your diet with certain micronutrients, especially if you are not getting enough from food alone. Certain supplements, such as electrolyte tablets or multivitamins, can help ensure that you’re getting the right vitamins and minerals for your body’s needs. It’s important to discuss any potential supplement use with your doctor or dietitian to avoid over-supplementing and potential health risks.

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