MoxiLife Introduces Two New Flavors 2021

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MoxiLife recently introduced two new flavors to their MoxiLyte line — Big Berry LemonAid and Mad Mango. Both are a premium synergistic blend of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. They are an electrolyte hydration mix.


Moxilyte berry

Interestingly, the packets contain 20 servings. They are vegan and made in the USA. The MOXiLyte electrolyte system elevates cellular hydration while replacing electrolytes lost during one hour of intense workouts.

The drinks are 100% chelated magnesium which helps absorb the magnesium faster in the body and reduces muscle cramping and increases the body’s ability to use sodium and potassium. They are low in sugar which helps reduce bloating while exercising. They also have Himalayan Sea Salt added to deliver sodium and trace minerals for improving muscle and cellular function.

MoxiLyte Mango

Two new flavors at MoxiLife

The two new flavors are Big Berry LemonAid and Mad Mango. Both taste good and really give you that edge when you’re working out hard. You need electrolytes and this is so much more!

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